søndag, marts 19, 2006

Sign (1. lvl)

You gain +4 bonus on your next initiative check.

Ice Gauntlet (1. lvl)

A spiked gauntlet of ice forms around your fist

Healthful Rest (1. lvl):

Subjects heal at twice the normal rate.

Nightshield (1. lvl)

You gain resistance bonus on saves and spells absorbs magic missile damage.
Ironguts (1), Subject gains +5 bonus on saving throws against poison
Dispel Ward (1): As dispel magic, but affects only wards.
Serene Visage (1), Gain insight bonus on Bluff equal to half your level.
Dead End (1), Ordinary shados that provide concealment to all in the area.
Net of Shadows (1), Removes spoor of one creature/level.

lørdag, marts 11, 2006

Kaspanerne - Nyt kort
Kaspanerne - Original kort
Kort over Akeron
Garut: Layringos t�rn
Garut: Porten til orcernes rige
Garut: Hulgrams planetmaskine
Garut: Orc forpost i underjordiske gang